As Lucky’s grows and we rehome more pups and dogs and cats, we are receiving lots more adoption questionnaires and doing many more home checks. To those considering adoption moving forward we wanted to share a little advice which will help both us and you find the perfect fur baby!


We use a three step process; questionnaire, phone call and home check to decide whether potential adopters are the right fit for a Lucky’s dog or cat and all of these steps are equally important.


1. The Adoption Questionnaire 

Give as much information as possible on the form. It is our first impression of you and your lifestyle. We like to know about your home, your walks and more importantly about you so that we can ensure our dogs will fit into your day to day life.

2. Phone call

A casual chat and a chance for you to ask us questions about the process, the dogs in our care, our history and for us to go through the questionnaire with you.

3. Home check

If you are successful in the above we carry out a home check. This gives us the opportunity to meet you and you to meet us, to make sure your home is safe for a dog and to run through any final  questions we might have.

As we grow, more of our dogs are receiving multiple applications and so the more information we have about you, the more likely you are to be successful. We want the best for all the animals we have rescued and that continues here in the UK.


Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Even more rewarding is a successful adoption where our dogs and their new owners are perfectly matched. 

We hope this information was useful, anything else you would like to know, please get in touch


1. The Adoption Fee

Once you have been approved to adopt, you will need to pay the adoption fee to secure your pet, which is £350 plus an optional donation for dogs and £260 for cats (this covers almost to the penny the transport, vaccinations and other requirements needed for travel) plus we also ask for a small donation on top of this to Lucky’s to help us continue the work we do.

2. Collect Your New Family Member

We use Elipet as our animal transportation service, as they care for the animals extremely well during transit and ensure that any animals they drive have had all necessary vaccinations and flea and worm treatments before travel. They also have a nanny on board who sits with the dogs and comforts them for the long journey from Romania to the UK. The usual drop-off point is in Nottingham and so you would be required to pick up your new pet from here. More specific details are given at the time of adoption approval. 

Things to bring when you collect your new rescue:

1. A slip lead

2. A harness (size will be recommended to you)

3. Either a crate or a seatbelt attachment which clips to the harness

If you have any further questions at all, please send us a message here:

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