Catalina and Patrick are the amazing married couple behind Lucky’s! Patrick is 65 years young and still working hard every day. Catalina is a translator and publisher by trade and Patrick, a builder (very handy!). They have always been animal lovers and from starting with just Lucky, they now have 35 dogs, 7 cats, 3 hens, a turtle dove and a pigeon.

Lucky’s is run from their home in Romania, approximately 20 miles out of Bucharest, Romania. As Lucky’s has grown in number, Patrick and Catalina have had to work with the space they have to ensure all animals have space to roam, play and sleep. There are 10 separate enclosures on their land, all that are separated by gates that allows the dogs to be rotated and socialised with others as time goes on. Each enclosure has a heated, dry, house with a dog flap for the rescues to enter and exit as they please. Lucky’s wants to be as far away from being a kennel environment as possible, as experience shows this creates stress and tension between the animals.


Sadly, Romania has a long way to go when it comes to animal welfare, particularly in the rural areas and there are many stray and mistreated animals to rescue. Lucky’s rescues as many animals as they can safely house and re-homes them in the UK when the dog/cat has had all treatments required for travel.


We have a growing number of UK volunteers who complete home checks for potential adoptees, fundraise, and run Lucky's social media so Catalina and Patrick can focus on taking care of each and every animal they find abandoned on the streets. If you are looking for a place to adopt from, please consider us, as every animal adopted also saves another from the streets which can take it's place here at our shelter.


Lucky’s Legacy Rescue started way back in 2007, when we found a beautiful dog with two broken legs. Despite successful surgery, her legs took over 3 months to heal, and she lived the rest of her life with screws in her back leg.

We had 11 happy years with Lucky, we estimate she was around 16 when she died; she taught us that every dog has a chance. 3 years later, we rescued our 2nd dog, Norocica. Lucky fulfilled the role as adoptive mother brilliantly, and started to help me rehabilitate other dogs. At this point, we were living in down town Bucharest, before moving to the countryside in 2012 where we started to rescue more animals, all of which were helped by Lucky.


Over the following years we endured harsh winters, often without electricity or water. Despite all of this, we managed to save lots of animals, but sadly, unfortunate accidents are inevitable…

We believe that Lucky had a fight with another dog, and at the age of 16, she passed away. It was a very sad ending for a truly remarkable dog, however, Lucky’s legacy will live on.


Lucky taught us that despite the most difficult of circumstances, there is hope. We will continue the work that Lucky helped to start, and give dogs that haven’t had the best start in life every opportunity to go on and be as happy and as loved as Lucky was.

Please check out our website and get in contact for more information.


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