The two most difficult things about rescue is the unsuccessful rescue attempts when the dogs are too scared to come to us and losing them to illness. We love each of them so much and wanted to recognise some of those we have loved and so sadly lost.


We didn't get to say our final goodbyes

Cleo was one of our wonderful rescue cats and was incredibly special to us. For a year we gave Cleo to a boy who had moved to Bucharest to be near the hospital as he had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and she was a huge comfort to him until her died sadly at the age of 21.

It took a long time to catch Cleo. She was very very poorly and one of our neighbours asked for our help. We took her straight to the vets for treatment as she had green diarrhoea and vomit. Cleo never missed a meal and would give her paw to us when she waited for food. 

Cleo and Steluta one evening in October 2018 didn't come back for their evening meal. This was so unlike them and so we started to worry. 

2 days later Steluta came back...she had been poisoned. People in the area use poisoned cereal to kill the mice and we think both cats must have eaten this. Cleo never came home.. We think she was poisoned which broke our hearts . We now keep our cats close to stop this happening ever again.


Taken from us by Parvo Virus

Teddy was dumped in our garden one afternoon with three of the bigger dogs. We straight away ran to get tiny Teddy. We fussed him, fed him and let him play. For 2 days Teddy played and ran around and enjoyed himself but on day 3 he lost his appetite and we started to worry. We took him to the vets but it was the worst case scenario.


Poor Teddy had Parvo Virus but also neurological and pancreatic problems. Teddy started on non-stop treatment and at first improved but he quickly deteriorated and tragically passed away  

It was awful to see him go from a happy, playful puppy to one in such pain. We always give our pups their full vaccinations but he deteriorated before we could vaccinate him and he would have already had the awful disease when he was dumped.

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Siblings that both sadly died. Maisie from Parvo and Lottie from Kidney failure

We found Maisie and Lottie in the same forest we rescue most of our dogs. They were with their mum, Lucy.

Sadly, Romania are unfortunately behind the times and most dogs aren’t vaccinated when we rescue them. We helped someone in the local area with neutering of their dog and unbeknownst to us, this dog had parvo virus. All our dogs at Lucky's are vaccinated but as we had only recently rescued the three pups and Lucy, they had only had 1 of their 2 jabs. 


The worst possible outcome became a reality and Maisie, one of our beautiful little girls died. Everyone felt the heartbreak and we felt so sad for Lucy, Kacey and Lottie.... As time went on we noticed that Lottie, our gorgeous girl who was everyone’s best friend whether dog, cat or human, had started to lose weight and look poorly. We reacted immediately and took her to the vets... it was awful news. Lottie has kidney problems, they were too small and didn’t function properly.  


WE TRIED EVERYTHING! Tests, changing her diet, perfusion and shots, the best medication for kidney failure (Azodyl which is £120 for 60 pills) but nothing worked. Until the day she started to suffer we loved her, she played outside with all the others and we made sure her remaining days were filled with love. When the time came, we made the decision to have her PTS. We think of her so much now as she grew so big and healthy but there was nothing more that could be done. If you would like to see the full post on Instagram please click here


We lost Mitzi to cancer

We found Mitzi on 13th September 2017. She was in Bucharest under a bridge on a very busy road. There was 4 lanes of traffic and we couldn't stop in the car so we went back on foot. She was just laying down against the concrete wall waiting.

We brought her home where she settled. We struggle to rehome our cats so we made a life for her here. She was a funny character. She knew which dog she could boss around and which ones she couldn't. She lived happily until January 2019 when she started to lose weight and stop eating. 

We took her to the vets, they scanned and the news was the worst. She had lots of tumours and they were inoperable. We brought her home but just a couple of days later Mitzi deteriorated further and we had to make the difficult decision to have her put to sleep. We brought her home and we buried with Lucky and Pami so that she is always with us.

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