The happy stories are a huge part of why we do this and we hope that all our rescues are as lucky as these guys. To take our rescues from the streets and see them happy in their new homes is the best feeling in the world


Rehomed in the UK

Meet Norocel! An incredibly soft, and especially gentle boy. Sadly, we found him abandoned at the side of the road in our village, and he was riddled with fleas, worms and ticks.

We fixed him, and he returned to full health. For the next 5 years, Norocel lived with us, and he was unbelievably happy. He made friends with cats, dogs, and of course, us!

As we had many other rescues, we couldn’t give him all of the attention that he needed, and so we looked to find him a new home. It wasn't long before he stole the heart of a family in the UK. We have it on good authority that he lives a happy, spoiled and loving life!


Rehomed in the UK

When we return from Bucharest, there is a forest that we pass on the way. In this forest, we have found many dogs, one of which was little Suzy; a beautiful little dog who was abandoned pregnant. It was a small pregnancy, and in order to save her we had no choice but to abort the pregnancy.

Suzy was the victim of some frankly stupid beliefs – some believe that if you burn a dogs nose, then they cannot catch distemper, and this is exactly what happened to poor Suzy. In the countryside, some believe that if you remove a dogs tail or ears it will make them mean, and a more effective guard dog. If they aren’t up to the task, they’re simply dumped.

Suzy was initially fostered by Emma one of our UK volunteers, before going to her first home. For some reason, they brought her back, but it wasn’t long before this beautiful girl found her forever home.

Her new owner is brilliant. She has invited usto go and see her, and completed an amazing fund raiser last year to bring food to all of the dogs in my care.

To see the Facebook slideshow of Suzy and her journey click here


Rehomed in the UK

This is little Mia (now Lulu). She was found in 2017 by Patrick one morning when he left for work in the same forest where we find most of the dogs.


He couldn’t catch her; she would growl at him before running away and hiding in the forest. When he came back from work in the evening, he saw her again. She continued to growl, until she finally approached him and he could catch her and bring her home.


Her transformation is remarkable. Initially, she was very shy and fearful. She presumably had a miserable life before she was abandoned in the forest. We think that she was traumatised by men of a certain physique…She used to bark at Patrick everyday when he got home from work, but had no problem with women.


She spent several months with us, she gained confidence, she made friends with the other dogs, but her issue with men still persisted. She was fostered by Emma and had two homes in UK, now she is settled and happy in her 2nd home. In her first home she was so lovely with the lady but with the husband she used to sneak behind his feet and nip him.

Lulu is now incredibly happy in her second and forever home, and we hear of her playful ways and big smile!


Rehomed in the UK

This is little Foxy. We rescued her on our way home in the countryside. She had her tail cut off and a piece of her ear too.


Despite her miserable life she must have had before we rescued her she was so loving and gentle with us and all our dogs and cats at home. Lovely character, playful and funny. She was fostered by Emma and also Emma found her a home.

To see Facebook slideshow of Foxy and her journey please click here.


Rehomed in the UK but little Coco was PTS

Daisy was abandoned in the same forest and this is where we rescued her.

It turned out that Daisy was heavily pregnant. On the 24th September 2016 at 10am she gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies. She was a lovely and caring mum. Due to the severe weather conditions (-15 to -18 degrees) and a house completely full of other rescued animals we had to think a little differently. We had an old wooden chest that we transformed into a heated little house for them. We cut a small door into it, put in a rubber mat and managed to keep the temperature between +18 and +20 degrees throughout winter. They loved their little house and were so happy.

In January 2017 we sent them to the UK. Ruthie and Tracey adopted the boy, Ernie. All the other puppies were girls: Rosie, Missy, Lily and Coco. Emma adopted Rosie. Another family adopted little Lily (now Tily) and Daisy, the mum and her daughter Coco was adopted by another family.

Tragedy struck though and Coco caught parvo virus. Her new owners took her to the vets a number of days after the symptoms of Parvo were first seen. Knowing how contagious Parvo can be, Coco’s new owners irresponsibly took Coco to see Ernie, now living with Tracey and Ruthie, who then went on to sadly contract Parvo as well.

The awful decision was made to put Coco to sleep the day after visiting Ernie, without us having any knowledge of this and without even trying to give treatment which we know to be very successful in otherwise healthy dogs, which Coco was.

The news was devastating to everyone involved in Coco’s care and knowing that her death could have been avoided haunts us to this day.
The decision was made to remove Daisy, Coco’s mum from their care. Daisy was then adopted with Missy, her daughter, in a lovely home with a kind and caring family.

Daisy and her remaining 4 pups have thankfully all found loving homes with families in the UK, and beautiful little Coco lives on in our memories

For Daisy and her pup's Facebook slideshow click here.


Rehomed in the UK with one of our fosterers

This is Negruta, which simply means “Little Black One”. In our village, many people let their dogs wander the streets, and we assumed she was a neighbours dog, but it transpired that she had been abandoned in front of our gate.


Her fur was so thick, so it was difficult at first to see how emaciated she was, and despite this, she was so well behaved. She was quiet, and despite being incredibly hungry, was very patient. When we saw that she was still there the following day, I took her inside. She was famished, and gobbled her food down so much so that we had to give it to her in small servings.

Negruta had the appearance of a dog that had been left in a dark, damp place for some time. I bathed her, and gave her a little haircut, and she looked beautiful. At this point, the house and garden were full with other furry friends and she needed her own space, so I put her in the greenhouse. Before long, Negruta grew into a beautiful, playful, friendly and well behaved girl, but incredibly loyal and protective of her owners.

She was fostered initially by Emma who then found her a home. Now, whenever we rehome a dog, we make it a priority to keep in touch with the new owner for a period of time to make sure they’re settled. After three days of trying, we hadn’t heard from Negruta’s adoptive mother, and we became worried. We sent our trusted home-checkers Ruthie and Tracey to go and check; it transpired that her new owner couldn’t give her the life she needed.


Negruta walked out with her tail between her legs, and Ruthie and Tracey fell completely in love with Negruta, so much so that they adopted her themselves. I am delighted to report that Negruta is as happy, playful and loyal as ever, and more importantly, is incredibly loved!

For Facebook slide show of Negruta and her journey click here.


Rehomed in UK with Tuzla, another Lucky's rescue

Nick was rescued in the same forest we have rescued nearly all our dogs! We had been out to rescue another dog but came across Nick. We had bought a new trap earlier in the week but we didn't need it for Nick. We had some freshly cooked sausages and he came to them as he was hungry. We stroked him and he kept running away but with a little patience and LOTS of sausages we managed to get him and bring him home. Into the warm and out of the cold, dark forest.

After seeing his lovely pictures and learning more about him, the lovely couple who adopted Tuzla also adopted Nick in Feb 2019 and they are getting on incredibly well

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