All dogs listed below are looking for their furever homes! Please get in contact if you wish to find out more information about them or the adoption process, or click the links below to submit an application to adopt or foster!


2 years old 

A for Arnie and A for amazing! We found him roaming the streets and he came straight to us.


Trusting from the beginning. He has fitted into life perfectly at Lucky's and we are so pleased that his life on the streets hasn't affected his zest for life.


Arnie loves to play and will need a home where he is both physically and mentally stimulated. He loves to run and so we feel an active home is best for this big, beautiful boy. He has meant dogs of all age and size and assumes playful position in all meetings. He is even learning a little already and is walking alongside Catalin when asked.


Arnie travels to his foster home in the UK in June so will be availbe to meet from them

WEIGHT: 26kg/1m 

Pawgwarts house: Gryffindog - this baby is just an all-round good boy.


5 years old



This girl has zero luck. She had a foster home and that fell through, she had an adopted home and that fell through. We cancelled her transport then had another potential foster home and again that fell through. But before all of this, Lulu had a home where she was loved and safe. Lulu has been the centre of someone’s life before she became a rescue. And sadly lulus true owner passed away.

Lulu is female, small medium breed approx 10 kg. 5-6 years old. She’s neutered and has a lovely personality.

She doesn’t get on with all dogs but she gets on well with the ones she chooses to like. She’s great with cats doesn’t even bat an eyelid when they scamper around. When she first came to Lucky’s she had been bullied by humans and other dogs and it took a long time for Lulu to forget her past. She hid in the cellar and didn’t come out for weeks.

Pawgwarts :Hufflefluff-  this little angel is quick to learn - she quickly worked out how to get the best seat in the rescue and secured it ever since. 


6 Years Old




This beautiful mama's journey with us starts way back in May, we found her with a litter of puppies on the side of the road, we saved the pups but couldn’t get to Xena. She was beyond fear and we tried for days to catch her but one day she just never resurfaced. 

Fast forward to November she was heavily pregnant and we could not lose sight of her again. Thank god we were successful this time because no sooner had we caught her and taken her to the vets than she gave birth in front of Catalina & Patrick.


4 weeks after we managed to catch her and she is not only the best mother but such a sweet and gentle dog.

She has a gorgeous dapple coat medium-sized and only 2 years old.

Xena will be ready to travel in March 2020 after her pups are old enough to leave too. We’d love if they could all be on the same happy bus travelling to the UK.

Pawgwarts house: Gryffindog - this mama has been through so much and has powered on for her pups. 


Approx 6 months old


8 yrs old 

This beautiful boy was found on the street abandoned and left for dead in a black bin bag, beaten so badly that he has holes in his head! However, despite this wicked treatment this boy has trusted us to take care of him and is doing amazingly well.

The nasty swelling of his whole head has reduced and the accumulation of pus on his wounds is decreasing more and more every day.

Overall he is so much happier! He is getting up and walking around and his appetite is returning and we are confident that he will make a full recovery and be able to be rehomed in time, but for now, he must remain in the vets as he required IV shots every day.

Pawgwarts house: Gryffindog - this poor boy has been through so much and is still so friendly 


3 years old




Bella is a newbie at Lucky’s, she was found roaming the local forest. We suspect she had been there for some time, she was ridden in fleas and ticks. Sadly she has recently been diagnosed with babesia bug and heartworms, which she is receiving treatment for. Despite this, Bella is an incredibly sweet and gentle girl.


She is slowly coming out of her shell with us at Lucky’s and we are seeing what a loving girl she truly is. She is happily sharing her enclosure with other dogs. Once Bella has recovered she will be looking for a home.   If you are interested in adopting Bella please use the link below.

Weight: Under 10kgs

Pawgwarts house: Hufflefluff - Bella is such a lovely and gentle girl and is always happy to see people 


15 Years old 

Our newest arrival Albert may be 15 years old but apart from his deteriorating eyesight he is a very healthy boy!

Albert had a loving family once but they passed away back in 2010. This must have been devastating for Albert, to lose all he knew and everything he loved. The new owners of the house paid a local boy to feed and water Albert. He didn’t have the love he once had but he was fed and kept healthy. This was until last month, the boy left and never returned, leaving our Albert all alone, being fed scraps over a fence by neighbours.

He deserves to live a life with a loving family once again and we ask you today to look past his age and look into his beautiful, kind eyes. For 9 years he hasn’t known love and we think in his final years he deserves to feel it once more. It takes a special someone to open their homes and hearts to a senior dog. Please help us find them.


Albert is currently in a lovely foster home but us still looking for his forver home.

Weight: 15 kg 

Pawgwarts house: Hufflefluff - Albert will make someone the most loyal companion, he's longing for the family he used to have.


4 Years old 

Fredo was rescued with Cookie, outside Oana’s home where neighbours and locals had been throwing rocks at them!


He’s an incredibly happy and intelligent boy and his confidence continues to grow each day considering the torture he’s endured.


He’s super friendly and has the waggiest tail! If you are interested in adopting Fredo

Weight: 27kg 

Pawgwarts house: Ravenpaw - This intelligent fella couldn't be part of any other house, he is Ravenpaw through and through 


18 months old 




Patrick and Catalina passed Hector on the street and when they stopped to check out the situation he came running up to them wagging his tail, he knew he'd been rescued.

He is extremely skinny so has clearly had a tough life so far on the streets. Thankfully this boy is only young, he hasn't been to the vet yet but we estimate around 18 months. Doesn't he have the most gorgeous baby-face? 

Over the next few weeks we will feed him some scrummy food, have him checked and tested by the vets and show him lots of love. We look forward to learning more about his personality and then finding him a forever home! So far he seems very ready to love and wag his tail, content that he has been found and is safe.

Pawgwarts :Hufflefluff-  this little boy knew exactly who to trot up to be saved 


3 Years old 



They say lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place; and yet here we are with our 2nd Zeus (god of lightning and thunder)

Zeus has lived his whole life on the streets, until now.

He was found by a lady who resuces all of our newbies together and contacted us to help.

He is proving to be a loving, gentle and calm boy and so we know he is going to make a wonderful companion.


Weight: 18 kilos

Pawgwarts house: Gryffindog - Zeus is so brave and courageuos he protected the little gingers when he was on the street


3-4 years old


Our beautiful mama Oana, named after our lovely rescuer Oana who helped find and save her from a life on the streets.


Oana had 3 litters that we were aware of, which is the cruel harsh reality of street life.


She is a sweet, gentle and friendly dog. Very nervous when she first arrived but she has has grown in confidence so much since being at Lucky's. She is now often seen wagging her tail and helping her latest little pups grow up to be good doggies. 

Weight: TBC

Pawgwarts house: Gryffindog - Oana has a sweet playful nature and treats the other dogs with kindness.

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