We are only a small charity so every single person that helps is vital to us saving as many animals as possible. We have a team of 2 in Romania who save the animals and an expanding team of volunteers in the UK who deal with the rehoming and fundraising. Below are the ways you can get involved!


With lots of food, supplies, shelter repairs and vet fees here at Lucky's, we rely on your donations and sponsorships to help us care for the needs of many abandoned animals. You can donate as little or as much as you'd like, and we post on our social media regularly with updates of where every penny goes!


We welcome any volunteers with open arms here at Lucky's! You are welcome to come and stay with us in our home here in Romania, whilst helping us with our daily tasks looking after all of our rescue animals. Stay for as long or as little as you'd like. Click below to hear from some of our volunteers.

Amazon Wishlist

If you would prefer to purchase us one of the items on our amazon wishlist instead of donating, please click the link below. We often need flea and tick shampoos and treatments for all of the unhealthy animals we find, collars and toys for each dog or cat we find, and of course lots of food to feed all of the hungry bellies here at Lucky's!


We have many animals here and this costs a lot of money each month. By sponsoring a dog or cat you are helping us each month with their care and helping us rescue more abandoned animals. Please get in touch if you think sponsoring is for you!


Many of our supporters come up with creative ways to raise money to support all of the animals at Lucky's, please get in touch if you would like to get involved!

Adopt or Foster

Each person who adopts or fosters from Lucky's, creates room at our small shelter for another animal in need. You are saving both the animal you take in, and the one who takes their place here!

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